Things I Have Learned Since Becoming a Mom

HappyMother's Day

Wishing you all a happy early Mother’s Day to moms everywhere! As an ode to mom’s I started to think about the journey that I have taken over the past few months since I become a mom. I have developed the utmost respect for every mom and their journey with their children. Here are some things I have learned since becoming a mom:

10. Sleep is worth its weight in gold! I would give anything to sleep a full night, uninterrupted and past 4:30am.
9. Eating a leisurely meal goes out the window with the baby, it is all about getting food into your stomach before the baby starts screaming.
8. Actually doing anything at a leisurely pace goes out the window.
7. Discussing baby’s habits (eating, sleeping, diapering, etc.) becomes common place because my sanity revolves around these habits. One missed nap can be catastrophic to my day.
6. Leaving the home on a whim is a thing of the past. Whether bring baby with me or preparing for a baby sitter to come I have to start preparing for departure at least an hour before leaving.
5. Some days are easier than others, babies have their own personalities. When my son has a good day, I have a good day and visa-versa.
4. More than once a week I realize that my mom was right about something from my childhood!
3. Watching a baby grow is crazy! It is hard to believe they start out so small.
2. Moms adapt, despite the lack of sleep, tantrums and overall insanity moms adapt for their child’s need.
1. Despite everything I think, gee… my son is cute when he sleeps, or eats or laughs; which makes up for all the insanity and lack of sleep in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!