The Valentine’s Day Dash

Valentine's Day DashOne of my favorite things to do on Valentine’s Day is to go to the grocery store.  I enjoy the confused and panic looks on men’s faces who completely forgot about this romantic holiday.  I could always tell who belonged in this forgetful bunch. Their eyes to darting from side to side with sweat dripping down their foreheads as they make a mad dash to the candy isle.  Men picking up bouquets of flowers and pondering loudly if these were the ones their wife liked.  There is a sense of befuddlement wafting through the air.  Men fighting over the last heart shaped box of candy or hoping that the King Sized Snickers Bar will do.  There is something quite comical about the Valentine’s Day mad dash that occurs at 5:05 on February 14th.  I feel such pity and amusement when I watch these poor men scavenge through the Valentine’s Day scraps in the grocery store.

Therefore, today being February 13th, let this serve as a reminder to men everywhere that tomorrow (yes I said tomorrow) is Valentine’s Day.  Don’t be part of 5:05 panic group, fighting another man for the last box of Dove Chocolates.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Weekend!