The Perks of Prineville

The Perks of Prineville

This weekend I toured Prineville with one of my clients who were looking for a home on land for a reasonable price. Since I haven’t been to Prineville in quite a while I was excited to see what Prineville had to offer. Needless to say between the well priced homes, amenities and easy drive into Bend I am unsure as to why more people are not flocking to the area. Here are a few reasons to consider Prineville if you are looking to buy a home.

1. Amazing home prices – Homes prices in Prineville are still very affordable. The average price per square foot in Prineville is only $193 per sq foot in April 2016 compared to $212 per square foot in Bend Oregon in April. This $19 a square foot difference can make a huge impact for a home buyer. For example, if the buyer purchased a 1500 sq ft home in Bend, based on the average price per square the home would cost $318,000. That same home in Prineville would cost $289,500 using the average price per square foot. Saving the buyer a total of $28,500!

2. Reasonable Commute – Having hailed from California I am used to commuting. Furthermore, I commute almost daily into Bend for work or errand from La Pine. Needless to say commuting in this day and age is not a big deal with the increased speed limits from 55 to 65 and continuous road expansions to make our commuting easier. Prinville is only 35 miles away from Bend.

3. Great Amenities – Prineville has some pretty great amenities. One of the amenities I was most impressed with was the Saint Charles Hospital. Passing by on my way to showings it looked quite impressive. This 62000 sq foot campus has an emergency department, primary care, specialty care, radiology and more. The area boasts of plenty of parks and library facilities. As well as plenty of commerce including a Rays, Grocery Outlet, and BiMart. Not to mention numerous restaurants.

4. Tech Hub – Prineville is an up and coming tech area with large tech companies having settled in the area including Facebook and Apple.  Which creates meaningful relationships and jobs for individuals in the area.

If you are thinking about making a change, Prineville may be a great place to consider. Contact us if you are interested in finding a home in Prineville.