The Marken Family Conquers Disney Land

2013 was a very fun year, my time was spent helping my clients navigate the rebounding real estate market and spending time with my family.   To wrap up 2013, I took my family on an exciting road trip to the Disney Parks in California.  One early Saturday morning, two weeks before Christmas, I piled my family into our motor home. Despite the poor gas mileage the motor home made the trip far more comfortable.  It was also quite nice to have my eldest daughter Jade and my wife assist me with the driving.

We stayed at an offsite Embassy Suites once we arrived in sunny California.  I can’t complain because the hotel was great, and had free breakfast.   We spent four days hopping from park to park with the whole family.  The weather was warm and beautiful for the majority of the trip.  We spent the days languidly moving from ride to ride.  Luckily for us the lines were not too long which made the trip much more enjoyable.  My daughter Jade amazed us all with her champion shooting skills on the Buzz Lightyear ride.  She was by far the best shot in the family.

Our park hopper passes came in handy.  We enjoyed exploring the newer park and spending time experiencing the newer rides.  Surprisingly, my favorite was the “Soaring Over California” ride.  This simulation ride makes you feel like you are experiencing a full hang gliding trip over all the beautiful scenery of California.  I guess I enjoy hang gliding.   The only damper on the whole trip was that it rained our last day at the Disney Parks, but at least we had 3 beautiful days before that.

Finally, after 4 days of Disney fun we preceded back home.  My daughters were ecstatic that they still had 2 more weeks of Winter Break!   They returned to school today hopefully with many fond memories of our road trip.

I believe that my trip to Disney Land with my family was the perfect way to wrap up 2013.  I am excited for what 2014 is going to bring as well. I think that it is going to be a great year.

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