The Life of a Central Oregonian



Last week was our first taste of spring and summer; glorious weather, sunshine and an ability to go outside without wearing a jacket.  As I absorbed as much Vitamin D as possible I thought about everyone who comes to Bend for vacation.  My home has been a frequent vacation spot for close friends and family who want to enjoy hiking, biking, nature and everything Bend has to offer.  But then I thought, what about us Central Oregonians what is life like for us so I decided to chronicle things I did during this warm week of sunshine, to share what life is like for a typical Central Oregonian.

During our glorious week of warm weather my goal was to spend as much time outside as possible, because in Central Oregon you never know when the weather is going to change (which it did).

Like many Central Oregonians, I work so during a large majority of the day I was inside gazing outside my office window longingly hoping to be playing in the sun.  However, I was able to slip away a time or two during work to enjoy the sunshine.  For a quick bite on the Whole Foods patio and for a home photo shoot which had some lovely mountain views.

But my time after work was relished and enjoyed thoroughly.   Tuesday afternoon was spent walking languidly in Drake Park along the Deschutes River.  Chatting casually with a good friend as we passed happy dogs playing fetch, children playing baseball and other walkers enjoying the gorgeous day.

The rest of my evenings were spent having dinner at home on my patio deck.  My husband has spent years perfecting the area where we enjoy a manicured lawn and terrain views.   As we sat on our deck, I busted out a deck of card to play rummy; which is a spring/summer tradition in our household.  Saturday night was spent enjoying S’mores, sitting on our back deck around the fire pit roasting marshmallows.  Another spring/summer tradition at the Slivkoff house.

Sadly by Sunday the rain and clouds came, and it seems that we are back to our typical Central Oregon spring weather.  But I relished the week of sitting outside, long walks and roasting S’mores.  I can’t wait to for summer to come so I can enjoy spending more time outside.