Spring Fever

I always seem to get spring fever this time of year.  Tired of the overcast clouds, cold mornings and rainy or snowy days I look longingly Spring Feverforward to the spring season.  Being from California originally, the delayed spring season is one of the few things I dislike about Central Oregon.  So in the beginning of March I always seem to have a little spring fever, waking up each day expectantly thinking, today is the day, today is the day spring will begin.  However, much to my chagrin spring doesn’t seem to come around the corner till the end of April, yet every year for the past 6 years I have prayed for spring.

And what is not to love about spring?  Warmer weather, no longer needing a parka when venturing outside and spring sports beginning.  Unlike many Central Oregonians I am not as excited about the snow, not really a snow sport person I spend the majority of the winter longing to go hiking and floating the river.

Now with March beginning I can feel my spring fever setting in.  The desire for warm weather, sunshine and no longer needing a bulky coat everywhere I go.  I know in Bend a typical phrase is “pray for snow” but this year I hope we all “pray for spring” and see sunshine before the end of the month.