Our Favorite Burgers in Bend, Oregon!

Our Favorite Burgers In Bend

In honor of National Hamburger Day, I thought about discussing some of my favorite burgers in Bend, Oregon

Michelle’s Favorite Burgers:

Worthy Brewing’s Bromden Roadhouse Burger: This has bumped my previous favorite burger from McMenamins. The burger is absolutely delicious with ground chuck smothered in bbq sauce. Topped with smoked gouda, sweet onion chips, tomato, lettuce and Dijon aioli. It is one of the best burgers I have ever had in Bend. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

Rob’s Favorite Burger:

Bend Burger Company’s Deschutes Burger – This is Rob favorite burger. He loves this grilled onions and pineapple that gives it a little sweetness. The burger has a Hawaiian feel. There is cheese, ham, grilled onions and pineapple. How could you not love this burger?