Nothing Like An In & Out Burger

I flew out of town this weekend. My husband, Bill and I quietly went out of town to attend a family function. Waking up at 4:30 am to catch our plane, I only had one thing on my mind. Getting an In and Out Burger.

I moved to Oregon 6 years ago and honestly I would never move back to California. However, the one thing I truly miss is being able to stop by In and Out whenever I please. Even now, as I think about a double double animal style, of course, I being to salivate. So it is understandable that every trip to California either begins or ends with a savory and delectable Burger.

Upon arriving at Longbeach, at 9:00 am my stomach was growling for my treat, nothing like a double double for breakfast I always say. Yet fate has away of getting in between us and the things we desire. Time seemed to slow once I stepped foot onto the ground in Long Beach California. Between the long wait for our luggage and excruciatingly long wait for our rental car we finally were In and Out bound at 10:30 am.

Trying to get to our first In and Out, we were sadly surprised to see a very very long line for the drive through and no ability to park near the restaurant. Looking longingly at the restaurant I signed deeply and suggested we may have better luck at the In and Out near my grandparents home.

But as many Southern California natives know getting from point A to point B in Los Angles during lunch hour is nearly impossible. We slowly crawled down the freeway, traffic surrounding us and my double double seeming farther in the distance. Minutes seem to become hours as I anticipated finally reaching our destination.

Nearly an hour later, we had finally navigated our way to the next In and Out. Parked and nearly sprinted through the doors. The delicious smells wafted through the air as I ordered hastily. Sitting in my booth impatiently, I listened carefully as the numbers ticked closer to ours, 97. When 97 was finally called my heart was filled with elation!

My husband strolled up with the most amazing, cheesy burger I had ever seen. Grabbing it with town shaking hands I bit down into the double double. Swirling flavors of cheese, sauce, grilled onions and beef were more magnificent than I had remembered. Sitting in the booth urging myself to eat slower, but unable too, I finished my burger and fries with satisfaction.  With a full stomach, I walked out of In-N-Out content and happy.

Being back home in Oregon, I count down the days till I can have another In and Out Burger, 50 days to be exact until I visit California again.

In and Out