North East Bend is Thriving

North East

Over the years I have heard many requests from buyers wanting to find a home on the West Side of Bend.  Many buyers have flocked to the Westside due to its proximity to down town and other Bend, Oregon attractions.  However after searching options, many times these buyers ended up purchasing a larger newer home on the east side of Bend for less money.

NE Bend has its own set of amenities that has been a selling point for senior citizens and the medical community due to its close proximity to Saint Charles Hospital.   In addition, many buyers find the climate to be slightly better on the east side, allowing for a better opportunity to grow plants and crops.  These might be some of the reasons for the current market conditions. It seems that many people are starting to prefer the east side of Bend due to the availability of new homes, housing prices and easy access to HWY 97, HWY 20 and 27th st all main arteries of Bend.

Current statistics show that 288 homes sold and closed in the NE Bend in the first 6 months of 2014. Right now in NE Bend there are 173 pending sales already in escrow as opposed to 118 homes currently pending in the NW of Bend.

One very good reason for the activity surge in NE of Bend is the amount of house that can be bought for the money. The average price per square foot for the NW homes sold was 217.92 per square foot while the average price per square foot for the NE is $157.12 per square foot.

In addition, new construction is booming in the North East sector of Bend.  One of our own builders Pinnacle Construction is in the process of finishing a home in the Madison Addition.  The other beautiful new homes he built earlier this year in the area sold for over their listing price and closed escrow within 45 days from their original listing date.  We have had continued talks with other developers who are looking at numerous subdivisions/properties in the North East side of Bend.   Furthermore, the Bend Bulletin recently sited that 2 other additional projects in this area will yield about 275 new homes in this area.  The NE side of Bend is thriving and becoming a hot spot for new construction.

If you are starting to look for housing, especially a new home, you may want to consider the booming North East Bend area.