New Construction Ramping Up


We were not surprised to see that Bend, Oregon has been ramping up in new construction with 677 new construction permits submitted within the fiscal year.  We too have seen a boom with the amazing contractors that we work with like Pinnacle Construction and Ken Thomas Construction.  Both companies are currently pursuing building new high end homes.  Pinnacle Construction will be building two new homes in Awbrey Butte and Ken Thomas Construction is currently building a new home on Mountain View Dr (listed for $649,000).

Our recent Pinnacle Construction listings have followed a similar trend that has been occurring in Bend, Oregon.  Once these homes are on the market they are quickly selling. For builder Monte Clauston, this can easily be seen by his recent projects in the Maddison Addition, where his 3 Logan homes each went under contract very quickly, all of them before construction was near completion.

According the Bend Bulletin, we have still not reached the construction boom that took place in 2006-2007 with 830 applications. However, we have reached the same heights that occurred in 2007-2008 which is an excellent sign of our markets recovery.

In addition, we are continuing to work with numerous contractors as they search for new lots and new building opportunities to expand their projects for this year and next year.

We look forward to seeing what our builders will do later this year and next year as this market continues to ramp up.

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