My Central Oregon Experience

Central OregonI have lived in Central Oregon for almost 6 years, moving from California I was unsure how I would fit into the culture that Central Oregon has to offer.  Being slow paced, friendly and very outdoors focused; I was hesitant to see if I would enjoy living in the area.

However, after 6 years I have come to love Central Oregon and would never move back to California.  I still remember my first hiking and camping trips.  Climbing up to the Paulina Plunge and dipping into a beautiful waterfall.  I remember the wonderful smells of natures, the soothing sounds and the cool water.

I have enjoyed many leisurely night in Downtown Bend. Sauntering down the street and enjoying the hustle and bustle of art walk.  Grabbing dinner Amanda’s Mexican Restaurant (I love their salsa), or simply browsing through shops. Downtown Bend has always been one of my favorite places to explore.  My husband and I would try out new restaurants or simply just walk around.

I love working in Bend and living in La Pine.  I find that the area is an amazing place to live.  Whether I am enjoying the outdoor activities or enjoying the culture Central Oregon has to offer, I truly love living here.