Moving Again!? Tips to Help the Moving Process



We are moving my in-laws again for the second time in 12 months.  The moving is never a fun one, but moving out in-laws adds a whole new family dynamic to the process.  First, I would like to say that I truly love my in-laws; they are kindhearted and wonderful people.  But my in-laws are also people who like their things and are hesitant to get rid of many of their mementos, trinkets and paperwork that has been collected over the past 40+ years of their marriage.

Last year the first move was unilateral to a home almost exactly the same size with a large shed, and luckily only a few blocks away from their old home.  However, the moving process was still difficult.  Between furniture, a storage unit filled with food (being from Russia, my mother-in-law loves to have enough food on hand to feed a small army). Finally after a lengthy moving process they were finally situated in their new residence.

Now a year later, we are in a similar boat, with a new twist.  My in-laws are down-sizing, which means less space for their stuff.  However, this moving process has been a lot smoother due to a few packing tips that we have used:

  1. Start packing sooner if possible.  My in-laws knew they would be moving in the middle of May back in the beginning of March. As soon as they knew of the move they began to start packing away items that were not as needed.
  2. Get rid of stuff. A great point to moving and downsizing is coming to realize what is important and what is not.  Think to yourself, do I really want to pack, unpack and find a new spot for this item? If the answer is no then chuck it or send it to Good Will.  We decided to throw a large family garage sale in June to get rid of the extra items that didn’t make it over in the move.
  3. Think about storage. Part of downsizing is thinking about where you are going to store everything.  This maybe a great time to utilize Rubbermaid tubs, plastic Rubbermaid drawers or other organizational items.
  4. Get some help. Whether it is family, friends or professional movers having a moving army can always be helpful leading up to the day of moving. Whether it is boxing, wrapping or packing things into a moving van, having help is always a good idea.
  5. Label! Labeling boxes is so important, last year we didn’t label my in-laws boxes appropriately, and my mother-in-law spent 3 months looking for her favorite pan.  Be sure to label boxes clearly.

Overall, the moving process can be stressful. But when implementing a good plan, labeling and getting rid of unneeded items it can be tolerable.  I wish you the best of luck moving this spring and hope it goes smoothly.