Leaping into the Tiny House Movement?


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Recently, I have been working with a few buyers who are considering building a tiny home. According to Thetinylife.com a tiny home is a house that is between 100 – 400 sq ft and features a more efficient space for “simpler living.” Tiny homes can come from a myriad of building materials. I have previously heard of homes being built from old shipping containers.

Here are a few pros and cons about buying a tiny home:


  • Economical – Tiny homes can go for anywhere from $25000 – $65000 premade. When adding in lot costs a tiny home could be substantially less expensive than buying a typical single family home.
  • Mobile – If you decided to move, many tiny homes can be hitched onto trailers and moved around the country.
  • Small environmental footprint – Tiny houses use less materials than single family homes. In addition, they can be made from some recycled materials. Such as building the home out of an old storage container.
  • Easy to renovate – When the tiny house begins to feel out dated it won’t cost an arm and a leg to update. Since there is less space and materials, a tiny house could be updated quite inexpensively.


  • Little privacy – When a typical home is only 100 – 400 sq ft it means very little privacy when more than one person is living in the home.
  • Little ability to entertain – Hosting the holidays would be quite difficult in a tiny home with a little kitchen and less space for guests to congregate.
  • Lack of storage – With only 100 – 400 sq ft being completely utilized there is very little left over space for storage. This can be mitigated with a storage locker or shed.
  • No Bathtub – Do to saving space, there is no room for a bathtub. So people who like to soak languidly may not enjoy this aspect of a tiny home or may want to consider an outdoor hot tub.

Whether a tiny home suites your needs or not, they are an up and coming trend in Central Oregon. With housing being in a crunch it is easy to see why economical home buyers are considering building these tiny homes.

If you are thinking about building a tiny home here is a great website with some step by step information about the process: http://thetinylife.com/what-is-the-tiny-house-movement/

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