How Preventative Maintenance Can Save Your Thousands

PreventEvery day our homes face the elements harsh winds, blasting rain, and the beating sun.  Not to mention the wear and tear that occurs inside the home, such as your beloved dogs dragging mud across your beautiful carpeted floors.  With each year a home can become more and more in disarray.

As time moves on you may come to find paint fading, a small leak in the roof, carpet stains and other issues that occur because of everyday life.  With this, every owner must face the decision to put off the needed improvements or to face these minor issues head on before they become much larger problems in the long run.

Many times small issues like a leak or a need for a fresh coat of paint can go unseen.  It is a wise decision to do a quarterly visual inspection of your property to make sure that none of these issues are lurking.  For instance a shingle that has blown out of position on your roof it can be easily and inexpensively fixed.  However, gone unrepaired this shingle could leave just enough space for a leak to begin.  This leak gone unchecked could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Saving money is just one of the reasons to keep up on the maintenance of your home.  In addition, if you should ever choose to sell your home, it will be in tip top shape for potential buyers.  Potential buyers are drawn to tidy homes that look well maintained.  Those steam cleaned carpets may tip the scale when a buyer is deciding between two homes.

Whether you are staying in your home for the long run or thinking about selling in the future we want to make sure you keep more money in your pocket.  Preemptive maintenance can save you thousands and help you feel better about your home in the long run.  With spring just around the corner if maybe time to start your list of what preventative care your home needs.