Four Ways To Help You Buy A Home

Four Ways To Help You Buy A Home

Right now is a truly amazing time.  I recently ran into a couple of different government grants designed to stimulate the housing Four Waysmarket and help people become home buyers again.

1. First of all the traditional FHA loans are still a very attractive way to purchase a home with only 5% down and very competitive rates.  These rates are subject to change daily.  Last time I checked the rate was 4.5% interest per annum.

2. Use of grants with FHA loans makes buying a house today is much more about your credits and having a steady income than savings.  If your credit has been damaged, the future may look uncertain.  However, there are ways to begin repairing your credit and taking a step towards a brighter future.  If you are looking for help give me a call at 541-410-4255 and I set you up with the amazing Anna Kimball who can help you take your first steps towards credit recovery.

3. There are also numerous grants that are currently available.  The first is a 5% government grant (basically a gift) and can be used towards your down payment or closings costs.  If your loan only requires a 5% down, this grant has you covered on a purchase up to $417,000. Right now there are many beautiful houses in Central Oregon below this price range.

4. I recently discovered another grant, an interest free loan for up to $35,000.  With no monthly payments and is due upon the sale of your home.  This only works for purchasing bank owned, foreclosures, or short sales in the Bend area.  However, if you have been eyeing these properties already you may want to jump on this grant while the iron is hot.

There are so many opportunities right now to assist buyers in having their own home.  Call me if you would like more information about any of these grants or in help with your credit.