First Snow of 2014

There is nothing quite like a cup of coffee on a cold winter day while watching the snow.  I sat cross legged on my couch sipping the bitter sweet mixture while sifting through my daily e-mails.  There was a stillness and quietness about the world.  Everything seemed to grow calm like the world was awaiting something special.   Immersed in this feeling, I glanced up and noticed the smallest flakes beginning to fall. It started ever so slowly and softly, more akin to a whisper than a storm.  The wind whipping and swirling flakes through the air, peacefully and quietly.  The snow began dancing softly to the ground, slowly forming pillowy mounds.  The crispness in the air enveloped me.  Snuggling deeper into my couch, wrapping warmly in a blanket I watched the snow fall covering the world; making it look fresh and new.  For a great while I sat back and enjoyed the peaceful newest the snow had to offer.   There truly is nothing like the first snow of the year.