Deschutes Public Library – Beyond The Books


Yesterday, I took my son to the La Pine library and I was yet again was amazed by the resources that the library offered.

The library goes beyond just books these days. There are so many resources offered for kids, teens and adults.  My son played in the children’s area with the numerous toys and books, especially enjoying the spinning mirror. We have had numerous trips to different libraries in the DPL system throughout the summer. Each time I am amazed by the children’s area; the toys, the games, story times, and different activities to engage children all for free.  The kids centers are inviting for children and parents, I personally love the Eastside Bend Library’s children’s area.

After exploring the children’s section I became interested in the resources that were offered to adults. Again, there was so much more than books! There are e-books, audiobook downloads, free music downloads, business resources, career building resources, movie download, tv downloads, health references, DIY references, free language lessons and much more.  I have checked out many of these resources before. Downloading free music and syncing my Ipad to the online system so I can download books easily through the DPL app. But I was amazed to learn of their new service for downloading free movies and tv shows online. Not to mention being able to learn 80+ languages through an online program provided through DPL.

In addition, the DPL system hosts events like Author! Author! that brings authors to Bend, Oregon and numerous lectures.  In addition, they house several resources from social services, blood drives, SNAP, and much more throughout the month.

Over the past few years I have really come to appreciate the resources that the library offers. Be sure to check out any of the libraries in the DPL system or check out some of the amazing online resources at: Don’t forget that most of what DPL offers is free to use, so be sure to stop by and apply for a library card.