Bend Oregon – We Work Hard & Play Harder!

Bend, Oregon (1)

Work flexibility and telecommuting seems to be on the rise, especially as Millennials become the largest part of the job market. Over the past few years working in Bend I have noticed this work & play trend becoming even more popular.  From my old boss at a law firm who would sneak away midday to ski mountain Bachelor to another boss at a real estate office who started working at 4 am so he could enjoy the summer shine.  The Bend lifestyle goes beyond working all day long and really embraces enjoying life to the fullest.

I myself have set up our office in order to telecommute and spent the earlier part of this year telecommuting while caring for my infant son. Which has its own draw backs but was extremely satisfying to spend a lot of formative time as my son grew over the first few months of infancy. With technology like smart phones, dropbox, e-mail, facetime, skype and much more why work in an office all the time?

Bend, Oregon offers workers such a unique backdrop of living life.  Living in Bend is about enjoying life, beyond an office desk.   I have seen many Tweets and posts over the few years supporting this theory of entrepreneurs, employees and consultants of all types, enjoying midday fun in-between meetings or projects.

Some say you can’t have it all, but I believe that those who live in Bend might have it all; beautiful weather, sunshine, fresh mountain air and a culture that embraces living.  With telecommuting on the rise I believe more people will be enjoying this type of Bend lifestyle, work hard and play harder!