Bend Oregon Real Estate Market Trends



The Bend Oregon Real Estate Market seems to be hot right now.  There has been speculation of the market cooling down due to a slight dip in sale in January and February 2014.  However, the market has ramped right back up with an increased number of sales, pendings and listings over the past few months.

According to the Multiple Listing System Trend Vision there has been an increase in pending sales and sales in the Bend area:

  • January 2014: 124 sales & 186 pending sales
  • February 2014: 149 sales & 192 pending sales
  • March 2014: 186 sales & 249 pending sales
  • April 2014: 221 sales & 280 pending sales.

As seen above sales and pending sales have slowly been creeping upward over the past few months.

Furthermore, the average sales price has also been holding steady over the past few months with the exception of the slight dip that occurred in February 2014:

Average Sales Price:

  • January 2014: $359,000
  • February 2014: $317,000
  • March 2014: $356,000
  • April 2014: $346,000

Overall we are seeing steady growth in sales price since the last year when March 2014 average was $329,000.

The market is continuing to heat up as the summer months and the peak real estate season approaches. If you are interested in buying or selling your home this summer feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to help!