Bend Oregon – One of the Best Places to Live & Work

Bend Oregon

Sunset Magazine yet again names Bend Oregon as one of the best places to live and work!  It is the Runner–Up and Readers Pick for Best Place to Reboot Your Life.  As a Central Oregon transplant I couldn’t agree more.  When I moved her 6 years ago I was ready for a new adventure and a new pace of life.  Bend, Oregon offered so many changes from the weather (it never snowed in Fresno, California) to the almost overwhelming amount of outdoor activities.  I learned to enjoy nature, hiking, kayaking and long walks along the river.  These activities that I enjoyed continuously were something more akin to vacation when I lived in California than to something you enjoy on a weekend or when you have some spare time.

Many times I talk about my lifestyle in Bend with my family and friends who are still in California.  They are always amazed by the sheer beauty of the area.  I recently had my aunt visit Bend for the first time.  Her favorite word was “WOW!”  As she walked into our home she chattered about the piney smell of the outdoors and how the surroundings of our home in La Pine reminded her of camping.  She was blown away when we took her to the Old Mill for lunch and sat on the patio of Pastinis; enjoying pasta while looking at the scenic river views.  The whole drive from La Pine to Bend her face was pressed against the window absorbing in the views of Lava Butte, the ponderosa pine trees and the overall scenery that I take for granted every day. Upon leaving my aunt hugged me and exclaimed how excited she was to finally experience this area and how badly she wanted to come back to visit.

Whenever I have first time visitors they are always in awed by the area and many times are dying to come back sooner than later.  I have experienced firsthand a love for living in this area and am not surprised the Sunset Magazine yet again named Bend, Oregon one of the best places to live and work in the country.

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