Bend Oregon, America’s 10 Best River Towns

America's 10


Once again Bend, Oregon is topping the magazine charts.  Recently Fodor names Bend, Oregon one of the best river towns in the US.   This is due to the beautiful Deschutes River which cuts through some key points in town, specifically the Old Mill District.  Fodor also mentions all of the outdoor adventures that one can have in Bend from camping, hiking, kayaking, and so much more!

As Bendites, Rob and I both enjoy spending time on the Deschutes River.  Rob can be seen some early mornings paddle boarding down the river on his Bend River Realty paddle board.  I too have spent time floating the river or enjoying a long walk around the river trail.  The Old Mill District has always been a visitor favorite.  Whenever I have out of town guests I always take them to the Old Mill District to enjoy the scenic river view from Greg’s Grill or Pastinis; while Rob really loves having meetings on the river at Red Robin.

The Deschutes River has really been a life line to our community. Historically it served as a water way for the old mill which was located previously in the old mill district.  It now serves as a huge tourist attraction housing restaurants, shopping area and source for outdoor activities.

Overall, it is not surprising that once again Bend, Oregon is mentioned by another website as a must see town!

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