Bend A Tourist Town

Bend Oregon

Bend Oregon is known for its tourism. Due to the beautiful rivers, lakes, mountains and myriad of activities it is not surprising that Bend is a tourist mecca. According to the Bend Bulletin between 2.5 million and 3 million visitors came to Bend in 2015. In addition, on any given summer day Bend supports 20,000 visitors. According to statistic from the Bend Bulletin Bend’s tourism is also outpacing well known cities like Boulder, Co.

Bend’s hotel market is also expanding. Many may have noticed the addition of new hotels in the Old Mill District, the renovation of the Riverhouse in Northwest Bend and now Pronghorn is developing a new resort to be opened in fall of 2017. This resort will be three stories tall and have 104 rooms.

Many residents are disheartened by the increasing number of tourists. Which many times means less parking, longer lines and worse traffic. However, an increase in tourism is beneficial for Bend by creating and maintaining jobs in numerous sectors including but not limited to hospitality, restaurant industry and retail. Furthermore, numerous tourist decide to call Bend or Central Oregon home after visiting. This increase in population also means more stimulation in the housing market, rental market and in related sectors.

Overall, Bend’s majestic lure is well known to residents and tourists alike. It is no wonder that our tourist population grows each summer.

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