5 Reasons We LOVE Bend in the Spring Time!



5 Reasons

  1. Pole, Peddle, Paddle: The ultimate Central Oregonian activity mixes our favorite sports alpine (skiing/snowboarding), kayaking, biking and cross country running.  This extreme testament to summer and winter sports allows Central Oregonians to individually or as a team show feats of endurance in this end of spring event.  Even more exciting, there are current rumblings of a Bend River Realty Team.
  2. 5k-10k Runs: Spring seems to be the perfect time for 5k-10k runs. Many of these runs help local non-profits.  Some recent runs include:  the Grin & Bear It Run, Happy Girl Run or the Saint Patty’s Day Dash.  Either way it is time to lace up your shoes and run to support a great cause in Central Oregon!
  3. Festivals:  Spring is a great time to experience Bend Oregon.  The weather is nice, tourists aren’t quite here yet, and there are events everywhere you turn.  The spring season serves as a kick off to the upcoming summer festivals.  Stop by Northwest Crossing next month for the Bend Spring Fest or visit Redmond to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.  The spring festivals are only the beginning of more fun events to come as the weather progresses to get better.
  4. Hiking:  Now that the snow is starting to melt hiking seems to be on many Central Oregonians minds.  Whether you enjoy a leisurally stroll down the River Trail near the Old Mill District or a little more of  climb heading up Smith Rock, spring is the perfect time to get some outdoor cardio going.   I can’t wait to hike my personal favorite the Paulina Plunge.
  5. Skiing/Snowboarding: What is great about spring in Central Oregon is that there typically is still snow on the mountain yet warmer weather and sunshine in Bend.  If you are wanting to squeeze in winter activities before the season ends then head up to Mt. Bachelor.  Nothing like enjoying sunshine while skiing!

These are just a few reasons why we LOVE Bend in the spring time. What activities or events are you looking forward to this spring?