5 Reasons to Purchase a Home in the Winter


Winter is upon us.  Meaning snow, the holidays and cold weather.  However, this doesn’t mean that winter is a bad time to buy a home.  In fact the opposite is true.  Winter is a great time to buy a home because this season has numerous benefits that the peak summer months doesn’t have.  Here are the top 5 reason to purchase a home in the winter time:

  1. Less Buyer Competition: During the winter months there are typically less buyers in the market.  Many times sellers are more willing to accommodate the few potential buyers who are looking to purchase during these cold months.  Making this a great benefit for winter time buyers.
  2. Faster Closings: With less people buying and selling in the winter months meaning that loan and escrow offices have lighter caseloads than in the summer months freeing up more time to close your file quickly.
  3. You See the Home Differently:  In the summer time many times the lawns are manicured, the weather is warm and the house is picturesque.  In the winter time you are seeing the home for exactly what it is, battling the snowy elements, no bells or whistles.  This will also allow you to see how certain home conditions will fair in the winter like a steep driveway during snowy weather.
  4. Sellers Who Are Committed to Selling: When a seller lists their home and keeps it on the market during the winter months you know that they are serious about selling.  Those who entered into the market on a whim are more likely to pull their home after Labor Day Weekend when the peak time for real estate sales in coming to a close.
  5. Lowest Price in the Year: According to Zillow, December is when house prices are at their lowest point for the year.  Meaning that home buyers could get a great deal if they are willing to trudge through the snow and view homes in their area.

Thinking about buying a home?  Then feel free to contact us. We would be happy to trek through the snow to show you the home of your dreams.