10 Things I’ve Learned In My Second Year of Motherhood

10 Things

In honor of Mother’s Day, I decided to share some of the things I have learned over my last year of motherhood.

10. You will sleep again! My first year plus of motherhood, I craved nothing more than a long nights sleep in my warm bed. Now that my son is 18 months old we have finally reached a point of restful bliss with my son sleeping through the night.

9. If you have goldfish…They will end up smashed everywhere! Smashed goldfish or any other crumbly snack will end up in your carpets, floors, car, couches; it is everywhere so get used to it.

8. Kids will touch and taste everything! My son LOVES to touch things, especially fine crystal breakables at his grandmother’s house. He also loves to stick everything in his mouth, like food off the floor or any toy he comes in contact with.

7. Alarm clocks are no longer needed. Though my son sleeps through the night, he still loves to get up early. He is my natural alarm clock. I never fear being late for work since he wakes up by 5:30 am every morning.

6. Why did I buy all these clothes? Infant and toddler clothes were so enticing when I was pregnant; especially those cute little outfits that my son has only worn once. As I fold up another batch of hardly worn polo shirts I can’t help but think, why did I buy all of these clothes?

5. Why did I buy all of these toys? Another why I ask is about toys. My son loves to play with everything give him a remote, cell phone, keys, wallet, spoon, or any other house hold item and he will be entertained for a good chunk of time. Next time I will skip the toys and just keep a box filled with random household goodies.

4. It’s ok to take some me time. I used to never take me time. Now I try to schedule in some me time whenever I can. Whether it is a mom’s night out or a haircut, sometimes it is nice to recharge my battery without a screaming toddler following me around the house.

3. Every child is different. Baby books, forums and talking with friends is very helpful to gage what other kids are doing. But every kids is different and that ok. Some kids sleep through the night while others don’t. Each kid will hit their developmental milestones when they are ready.

2.Parenting is hard but worth it. Being a parent is hard work and sometimes it is overwhelming and exhausting, but for me I feel like every day there is one moment where I think “gee I love this kid.” Whether it is snuggle time early in the morning before work, or reading books on our day off or watching him roam around our yard excited to explore. There is always a moment where I feel truly blessed

1.Every mom is different. I have the utmost respect for mom’s out there. We are all so very different but AMAZING at the same time. Some of us will bottle feed, while others breastfeed. Some of us will be working moms and some of us will be stay at home moms. The most important thing about being a mom is providing love, care and support for our kids and at the end of the day, that is what truly matters.

Wishing all of you amazing moms out there a very happy mother’s day.